Chisor Foundation supports deprived families by helping to turn the vicious circle into a virtuous circle. Not by founding large projects, but by initiating low scale, family oriented projects, based on personal contact.

Our Projects

  • Children from India
Our Strength


Chisor Foundation focuses on families by providing small scale aid, from which these families benefit directly. Our network ensures that there are no hidden costs. In addition, we can rely on the personal relationships that our network has with the families that receive our support.

Chisor Foundation Philosophy


Chisor is an ancient temple on a hill in Cambodia, it represents to us a symbol of cooperation, self-determination and a wide view. Families reach self-determination and economic independence if they have the knowledge, skills and financial resources to care for themselves.

What you can do


Please contact Chisor foundation, if you feel connected to a country and want to enroll a project. If you would like to sponsor us, or want to support a specific project, please donate your gift via a bank transfer to account number NL37INGB0002730583 of Chisor Foundation.